You Can Be a Mustard Seed

James Nettinga

READ : Mark 4:30-32

A friend showed me a Mustard Seed Pin and a Father’s Day card about Jesus’ story of the mustard seed that his daughter and two grandchildren had given him. The card showed a mustard seed plant in bright yellow and brown. At the bottom were two hot dogs with a bottle of mustard surrounded by green leaves and red arrows. His grandson did the art work, and his granddaughter colored it. His daughter wrote:

The mustard seed is a large plant which grows from a very small seed. The mustard seed is like the seed of life, and has to be nurtured in order to grow. The Lord is teaching us that if the seed or plant is not properly taken care of, it will wither and die. You, Dad, have nurtured and positively affected the lives of everyone you have ever met and so deserve to wear this mustard seed pin more than anyone I have ever known. I love you very much.

Your daughter Wendy

In what ways can each of us plant and cultivate the powerful seed of God’s Kingdom? What big difference does God want to make through you and me? Don’t think small. “Great oaks from little acorns grow.”


Loving God, may we be your seed of life, demonstrating God’s rule in people’s lives around the world. Amen.