The How-to-Think Image

James Nettinga

READ : Philippians 4:8-9

In this beautiful personal letter Paul suggests some household furnishings for our minds.

Right thinking demands right thoughts. What a list!

  • TRUE. Make sure we do not mistake some error for truth.
  • HONORABLE. Are our thoughts reverent, dignified and noble?
  • JUST. Do we deal fairly in our relations with others?
  • PURE. As one keeps a lamp clean for light, keep your spirit clean.
  • THINGS THAT ARE LOVELY (pleasing, commendable). Our minds are like a canvas, so paint like Fra Angelico who painted the convent walls with everything beautiful.

Right thinking stimulates right action. This statement prescribes the right way of thinking, not just reading words or talking about them, but engaging in creative and stimulating thinking. Of all the definitions of right thinking, the best is “to calculate,” like a workman who carefully takes measurements before he sets his task.

Try this: quiet moments of meditation, walking in the morning, writing notes to friends, doing a favor for others, reading the Bible each morning.


O Christ, help me think on these things. Release creative powers within me. Let your mind, O Christ, be in me. Amen.