High Cost of Believing-Faith

James Nettinga

READ : Hebrews 10:19-25, 32-39

Our next three days of devotion will be concerned with words that were written to encourage a group of Christians. They faced increasing opposition and were in danger of abandoning their faith. The writer explains that our new freedom to approach the presence of God was made possible through the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, giving us a new and living way. Because of this he calls our attention to three spiritual vital signs of life images of faith, hope and love by which we can evaluate our faith.

Today’s image is FAITH not simply belief in spite of evidence to the contrary but conduct in spite of consequences. The costs of faith are high:

  1. The surrender of a self-righteous pride,
  2. A willingness to face objectively the fears that hold us back,
  3. Honesty that will release our sense of guilt,
  4. Confidence to accept life, chastened yet eager, humble yet joyful!

Sometimes the costs are mental or psychological. Sometimes they are physical as the writer put it, “at times publicly insulted, mistreated . . . and all our belongings seized . . . endured gladly because they had something much better which would last forever” (vv. 33,34).

How is our faith tested today?
Who do you think of as a good example of faith?


Loving God, may we be people who never turn back but have faith and are saved. Amen.