High Cost of Believing-Love

James Nettinga

READ : 1 Corinthians 13:1-13
1 Corinthians 14:1

The third vital sign of the spirit is the image of LOVE: not simply the brief emotional flights of day- to-day affection, but love that radiates outward, discovering that the recipients for one’s love are everywhere and unlimited. It is no wonder that love is used 47 times in the Gospel of John, 20 times as a verb and 27 as a noun. In John’s first letter, love appears 25 times. Note that the first words after Paul’s great chapter on love is “put love first” (14:1).

The cost of unconditional Christian love is to live as if we believed in the dignity of every person, that all people are made in the image of God. This manner of love embraces people fully in every walk of life. It is the cost of taking the “risk involved,” like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a “hero of conscience,” who gave up his life for helping Jews to escape Nazi persecution and annihilation. His last words were, “This is the end for me the beginning of life.” His unconditional commitment to Christ is measured by his unconditional, godly love for others.


O Loving Redeemer, strengthen our hands and feet to advance your work and walk in your way of love. Amen