No More Need to Escape

Susan Damon

READ : Joshua 1:1-9

With an alcoholic and physically abusive father, Gilles’ childhood was filled with pain. He remembers standing in the woodshed when he was seven years old, thinking about taking his life. At 15, already the family bread-winner, Gilles began drinking. “I looked old for my age, and could easily get into bars. I would work all week and drink all weekend,” says Gilles. After his first marriage broke up when he was 21, Gilles, desperate to escape the pain, again contemplated suicide.

After Gilles’ brother committed suicide, Gilles began a spiritual search that eventually led him to Christ. Today Gilles and his family are active in our church. In addition, Gilles serves the Lord as chair of the building committee for an area chapter of Habitat for Humanity, using his carpentry skills to build homes for needy families.

Even now, Gilles struggles occasionally with his past, but he no longer drinks, no longer tries to escape. As his wife Glynis says, “Becoming a Christian doesn’t make your problems go away. But you receive the strength to face them.” Every morning, Gilles asks God to help him through the day. He testifies freely to what God has accomplished in his life.


Lord, when life is too much for us, may we escape only into your loving arms, and there receive comfort and strength. Amen.