Not Religion but Vibrant Faith

Susan Damon

READ : Psalm 51:15-17

Glynis had never been particularly religious. But during a time of crisis, she and her husband Gilles began attending a small church in the town where they were then living. Glynis became an active member, even teaching Sunday school.

But deep inside, Glynis still felt a gnawing emptiness. One night, unable to sleep, she lay anxiously tossing and turning. Suddenly she heard a voice, as though someone right in the room were speaking to her. “Go downstairs,” the voice said. Glynis obeyed. “Look over there,” the voice said. Glynis felt herself drawn to the window. Looking up into the sky, Glynis saw a bright light she could not identify, a light unlike anything she had ever seen before. Gazing at the light, Glynis was filled with a profound peace. She returned to her bed and slept.

The next morning there was a knock on Glynis’s door. It was her pastor. “I have no idea why I’m here,” the pastor said, “but I feel the Lord has led me here to talk with you. Marilyn [another woman from their church] is at home praying for us.”

That morning, after talking with her pastor, Glynis gave her heart to Jesus, and to her great joy discovered the difference between religion and faith.


Lord, may our religion be an expression of, and not a substitute for, true faith in you. Amen.