God of Healing, God of Grace

Susan Damon

READ : Psalm 103:1-5

Jean’s husband, a lawyer, had been suffering from depression brought on in part by business problems. When he took his life, it was Jean who found him. He had left her, at the age of 30, with three small children.

Before going to sleep the first night after her husband’s death, Jean asked God for the two things she knew she needed in order to go on. The first thing she asked was that God would take away the memory of what she had seen. The second was that God would help her forgive her husband for what he had done to her and their children.

Raising three boys alone has not been easy for Jean. But she testifies to God’s faithfulness and care. The God of all healing has removed the awful memories from Jean’s consciousness, and the God of grace has given her the strength to forgive her husband and carry on.

Whatever painful memories we carry within us, whatever wounds we have suffered at the hands of others, our God is able to heal us. He can help us forgive.


Lord, each of us has painful memories, each of us has been wounded by others. Heal us, and help us to forgive. Amen.