Building Community Takes Effort

Susan Damon

READ : Hebrews 6:10-12

Berend and his wife Wiechertje (Wee-cher-tyee) were the first in our church to immigrate from Holland. They attended a Reformed church some distance from where they lived, but longed for fellowship closer to home. One day there was a knock on Berend’s door. It was a “field man,” a representative of the Reformed Church in the Netherlands, hired to help Dutch Reformed people resettle in Canada. This man told Berend that he was planning to settle a group of new immigrants in an area some distance away. “Why not settle them here?” Berend asked the field man. The field man agreed. Over the next years Berend and his wife worked very hard helping the new immigrants find places to live and work. Often they took newcomers into their own home, which already contained five children, until other accommodations could be found. That little band of Reformed Christians eventually grew into the Drayton Reformed Church. And so Berend and Wiechertje found the fellowship they so needed and desired. Truly, Christian community is a gift of God a gift God may make us work very hard to receive!


Lord, thank you for the gift of Christian community. Help us to create strong and healthy communities, living out our love for others and you. Amen.