Finding Good in Sickness

Susan Damon

READ : Isaiah 38:15-19

Dina is not yet 35, but already she has endured seven major surgeries due to intestinal disease. A couple of times Dina was desperately ill and nearly died. Sometimes, Dina says, she would lie in agony and pray, “Lord take me now. But if it is not my time, just help me get through the next minute.” Before one of her surgeries Dina and her family prayed fervently for complete healing. “I was so disappointed when I woke up and found out the doctors had removed most of my intestines. I asked God, ‘Lord, why didn’t you give me a new bowel?’” In a clear voice, God answered, “I did!” Dina realized then that God would make things right for her with what little bowel she had left. Today, miraculously, Dina’s diet and lifestyle are close to normal. Looking back, Dina says, “I would never wish what I went through on anyone!” But neither does she regret her difficult experiences. “I learned so much,” she says, “and I met so many neat people.” Now the hospital occasionally calls Dina to counsel and encourage those facing similar illnesses. In this way, Dina has been able to bring even more good out of her suffering and pain.


: Lord, help us to find good even in life’s most difficult circumstances. Help us to be testaments of your grace. Amen.