When Will Your Investment Mature?

Don DeYoung

READ : James 5:7-9

Living each day with a keen awareness of eternity is a steward’s true focus. The “returns” of the rich, just referred to, may have been exhilarating in the short term. But, the long term produces those stubborn earthly consumers moths and rust! The end- of-the-week paycheck, the year-end growth in principal and interest, or the long-term maturity bonds none provide adequate yield. James reminds us that the only safe long-term investment is in the one who promised his nearness.

My first attempts at gardening suffered many faults. The worst was my impatience. Driven by curiosity about the carrots’ size I pulled one out to check! Discovering it was not ready I was frantic in my futile attempt to replant it. There is some innocence in these learning experiences. But, when the Lord’s coming is near, and when our impatient grumbling and judging of each other yields to the consciousness that the ultimate Judge is at the door, the illusion of earth’s permanence is jerked away. Let us not be immature, “not ready” for his coming and his reckoning. As true stewards, let us breathe the air of eternity and patiently expect his return!

PRAYER Eternal Christ, we pray that we will have much more to show at your return than immature earthly returns. Amen.