God Is Not My Co-Signer

Don DeYoung

READ : James 5:12

Anxiety about our credit may tempt us to seek a co- signer whose added security guarantees our worth and covers our debt in case of default. Many of the loans held by readers will give evidence to the helpfulness of a co-signer. James warns us that our personal integrity should be able to stand its own ground. If my yes or no is looked upon as “not worth enough,” I ought not try to add to my character worth by adding an “oath” and “swearing” by heaven or earth. Those powers are not mine to draw in and underwrite my integrity.

The need is to be patient and trust God, not to effect some collusion with heaven or earth to bolster my credibility. Let us never give in under pressure by forging God’s name to our contracts on earth. It leads only to condemnation. When we try to impress others with pretentious oaths, we diminish the Lord of glory as one who is standing, pen in hand, to validate our debts.

The good news is that God, once and for all, through his Son co-signed for all our sins on Calvary. He validated our eternal worth for eternity. Nothing can be added to that without making it less!


Lord of glory, may we trust patiently that all things work out for good for those who love you, who are called according to your purpose. Amen.