Child, Would You Be Still?

Ardella Perry

READ : Psalm 46:1-11

Mama is trying to comb through my tangled hair so she can press it. I keep pulling away.

“Child, would you be still?”

She’s working to get a splinter out of my hand so I can go back outside and play. I keep crying and pulling back my hand.

“Child, would you be still?”

Daddy’s trying to get that photo just right for the scrapbook. I keep fidgeting and fussing.

“Child, would you be still?”

The teacher is trying to tell me to pay attention in class, but I keep looking out the window and turning around in my seat.

“Child, would you be still?”

The doctor and nurse have to hold me down to give me a much-needed shot.

“Child, would you be still?”

All my life I’ve practiced fidgeting, pulling away from pain, and being impatient. It’s no wonder when God tries to talk to me, to use life’s situations for my good, or just plain help me. He always has to say, “My child, would you BE STILL?”

(Wonder if he’ll have to pop me upside my head too?)


When it’s hard to be still and wait, Lord, give me a double portion of your grace to be still anyway. Amen.