Ardella Perry

READ : Ezekiel 16:1-15

Ezekiel is very up-front with his descriptions and leaves very little to the imagination. Teachers would never write “more details, please,” or “use more metaphors” on any of Old Zeke’s essays. This guy is rough, but the truth usually is. Ezekiel points out that God has showered his love and grace upon Israel when no one else would have her. He’d given her life, blessed her, clothed her with the best, and made a special covenant with her. In time, however, like an unfaithful spouse, Israel “played the harlot.” One can’t help but wince at those words.

But what is Israel but a parallel of the redeemed Christian? God has also shown us his love and grace, given us salvation and eternal life, all at the expense of his precious Son, Jesus Christ. Sometimes we too have “played the harlot” by simply giving our best to lesser things. Our Bible-study time is worked around TV programs. Witnessing has become something for missionaries only. Our prayer lives have become “gimmee, gimmee” gab sessions. Our original, intense love for God has been watered down, reasoned away, and handed out in return for our own self interests. Ezekiel’s words are X-rated. They cut and wound, but they tell the truth.


Show me, Lord, where I’ve been unfaithful to you. Forgive me and restore me to yourself. Amen.