Using the Wrong Key

Ardella Perry

READ : 2 Corinthians 10:7-12

It has happened any number of times in my rush to get papers graded and returned. Halfway through a paper, I wonder why a student’s answers are all wrong. A quick check of the teacher’s answer key shows that I’m on the wrong page. I have even made the mistake of checking the key instead of the student’s paper. But I never get too far before realizing something is wrong.

When Paul says people are not wise who measure themselves by others or use self-comparison, he is warning us that such actions are as useless as checking the teacher’s answers by the student’s. We never get too far before we realize something is wrong. Our motivation in life cannot be, “I’m not as bad as Brother So-and-So,” or “Honey, we don’t have that problem in our church!” Likewise, if my only reason for being at church is because I want to look spiritual, I’ve got the wrong key again. We cannot waste our lives seeking to live up to other people’s standards. Jesus Christ is the only answer key we need to check our lives by. If things aren’t looking right, you might want to stop and check your key it just might be the wrong one.


Lord, tap me on the shoulder when I’m living off-key and get me back in tune with you. Amen.