Who Am I?

Ardella Perry

READ : Ruth 1:1-22

Three distinct personalities of women appear in this text. Each personality could be a type of Christian.

  1. The “Naomites.” Naomi has a low threshold for pain. She had been happy, but now that her husband and sons are dead, Naomi is bitter and gives up on life. She also speaks discouragingly to the younger women. At this point, Naomi exemplifies the Christians who blame God for misfortunes, lash out at God bitterly, and wonder why God doesn’t love them any more.

  2. The “Orpahites.” Orpah is a way-out Christian. She keeps her eye open for a way out of the problem she is facing and takes the nearest available exit. Sensing that her chances of being provided for are gone, she takes another direction. Some Christians also “leave” when God doesn’t provide that special request which they’ve spent years praying for.

  3. The “Ruthettes.” Ruth is the only one who shows the true pattern of a Christian being a servant. She is not interested in self-gain. She knows the future is bleak, but she stays with Naomi, not for the blessings, but because she is committed to her mother-in-law.

“Who am I?” is a question no one else can answer for us, but we must be certain to ask ourselves.


Lord, if I am committed only to your blessings rather than you, give me the right mind to serve you alone. Amen.