For Those That Follow

Ardella Perry

READ : Philippians 2:1-8

In 1985 when I wrote this poem, I was keenly aware of how my actions affect my son Malcolm. Now much later as a grandmother, I recognize that our entire lives will impact those who follow us.

This life I live is not for me
To heap things on myself,
To fulfill “I wants” in selfish greed
Until there’s nothing left.

Though many others obtain their “dreams,”
I can not measure my life by theirs.
This life I live must never seem
Only mine full of only my cares.

This life is for those that follow,
Their eyes intent on me;
My actions must not make my words seem hollow,
For others mimic what they see.

My life is for those behind me
Who need a Godly guide
A pattern to keep in mind
As they struggle to grow inside.

This life I live is not for me
I must relinquish selfish goals
So that someone else our Savior can see,
My life is for saving lost souls.


Father, I rededicate myself. Let your love flow through me. Amen