Go Out in Joy

Church of the Chimes

READ : Isaiah 55:3, 6-8, 12

How do I experience joy? What is joy? Is it in things I do or receive? Is it in experiencing pleasure, fun, moments of happiness? Not really. Joy has little to do with surface emotions. It involves my attitude and relationships, my soul, my understanding of life, my knowledge of God’s Word and my relationship with him.

Isaiah tells me to seek the Lord, that I should hear him so my soul may live. I am reminded that my thoughts are not like the Lord’s. What is the result of my soul search? I will go out in joy and be led forth in peace. Could I ask for more? Joy that prevails despite circumstances, peace that is felt regardless of external conditions, peace within, peace with God for me!

There are many times when I feel discouraged and sad. Problems in my family, work, friendships, at church. Bad news local and national crime, materialism, immorality, corrupt officials, bloodshed all around the world. How can I experience joy and peace in the midst of life’s harsh realities? It will not come by human efforts. It comes from God. As I hear his Word, study it and know his presence through the Holy Sprit, I can praise him with gratitude daily and experience what Isaiah has announced to us. BU


Lord, may my life be grounded in the joy and peace that only you can provide. Amen.