A.D. 2001 Keep Your Guidebook Open

Church of the Chimes

READ : Isaiah 9:6-7

Imagine that you plan a two-week vacation to see the world from a mountaintop! You organize some friends and off you go. The long hike requires effort. You experience danger, pain and strain. You take risks you’ll never take again. Some friends want to commit mutiny. As you approach the summit everyone is sunburned, exhausted. Every gasp for breath is labored in this thin air! Now you’re stuck on a cliff with frozen toes. The view thrills, the goal is noble, but you’re all going to die soon!

Excitement and terror was there a safer way to the mountaintop? A little late, you read a guidebook that was with you in your backpack. All the while a gondola ride on cables was available on the other side of the mountain. You could have ascended in comfort and safety.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit aren’t obscure and out of reach. Bibles and churches through whom God speaks are numerous. So plan wisely! Read your guidebook, the Bible. God predicts the future and promises a safe arrival! As we enter a new year, let God be your guide. PB


Help me, O Lord, to access your resources and be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Amen.