Tom McCrossan

READ : Ephesians 4:17-19

We all need light to live. I know people who get seriously depressed when cloudy weather obscures the sun for long stretches of time.

We also need the light of Christ to live. Moral and spiritual depression is the natural result of turning away from Christ and his teaching. Emptiness and dissatisfaction with life are symptomatic of living in the dark. People indulge their senses in every way to try to feel alive; yet it is never enough because the source of life is not found in sensuality.

Follow Paul’s sequence backwards. This futility really begins with a loss of sensitivity to God’s voice, a hardening of the heart. We fail to see God as important to our personal well-being. Without a love relationship with Jesus Christ we lack motivation for Bible study and prayer. Without constant exposure to God’s light, the light of life goes out. We may wonder why God seems like a stranger to us.

And so people end up separated from the life of God, his ways and right-living. Only Christ’s light illumines the way out of the emptiness of unfulfilled longings.

Stay sensitive to the Spirit’s nudges. God loves you. He is speaking to you to fully satisfy your desires.


Speak, Lord, and I will listen with all my heart. Amen.