"Putting on the New Self"

Tom McCrossan

READ : Ephesians 4:20-24

In the next paragraph Paul will begin to get very specific about attitudes and behaviors that should characterize Christians, showing us how to be new persons “in Christ.” Note his underlying assumptions:

  • v. 20 People can and must know Christ not just know about Him.

  • v. 21 There is truth. The truth was embodied in Jesus and taught by him. We must be taught the truth; it is not innate in us. Contrary to post- modern denials, truth-knowing is possible. Christ established firm boundaries between falsehood and truth.

  • v. 22 We have an old self gripped by deceitful desires and bad habits. We all have this old “sin- nature.” The good news is that we can put it off!

  • v. 23 Putting off the old self begins with al lowing God to make attitude adjustments in our minds. The most important new attitude is the reality of Christ’s love and power for each of us (see Ephesians 3:14-21). He really loves you and intends the best for you.

  • v. 24 Putting on the new self is a daily spiri tual exercise and also a creation of God. We can never be new persons in our own strength. But, cooperating with the Holy Spirit in us, God makes us like Christ.


Today I choose to become a new self I put on Christ. Amen.