Break Free From Emotional Captivity

Tom McCrossan

READ : Ephesians 4:25
Ephesians 5:2

The husband laid out his case against his wife. She had gone behind his back, lied to him, rejected him and now had the nerve to suggest a separation. Finally he blurted out his frustration, “She’s a liar and still doesn’t realize there have to be consequences for those lies.” It was clear in his voice and by their story that he was doing his best to force those consequences to punish her and she was not following his program.

This husband was caught in a terrible dilemma: he needed to forgive, but he was hurting too much to do so. The wounds were too fresh, and his pride too hurt to give up the “satisfaction” of punishing her. Yes, he had legitimate grievances but so did she.

I told them both that ultimately they would not find a solution if they did not forgive each other. Forgiveness is not excusing, denying or minimizing wrong. It is giving up our right to take revenge on the other for hurting us. Instead we give that right over to God. When we do we find that hurts no longer dominate our thoughts, thereby controlling us. We are freed up to love again.

Who is holding you emotionally captive? Choose to forgive them, just as Christ forgave you.


Lord, forgiveness is hardest when it is most needed; help me to forgive as you do. Amen.