A Husband's Prayer

Tom McCrossan

READ : Ephesians 5:25-33

God of everlasting love, today I lift up my wife and my marriage to you.

Lord, the mystery of the union of man and woman is indeed profound and profoundly difficult. How easy it is to grow slack and selfish. Forgive me. How important it is to take time for each other, yet how little time we seem to have. Open my eyes to what we have and how to use it better.

Help me, O Christ, to be a ready listener to both my wife’s words and the emotions within them. Help me to love her in the ways she understands best, not just in the ways I appreciate most. Show me how I can demonstrate that she is the number one priority in my life after you, Lord.

Help me to take the lead in things spiritual and to pray daily with my wife. It is wonderful to hear her sweet prayers and the love and understanding of me that shine through them.

Help me love her as I love myself. When I see a need, let me respond right away. When I think something positive let me say or do it without de lay. Let me be swift to forgive, slow to anger, and always eager to speak the truth in love. Let me compliment her every day and find a way to make her laugh.


In Jesus’ name. Amen.