Honor Your Parents

Tom McCrossan

READ : Ephesians 6:1-3

My father died nearly two years ago. Before his death I wrote him these lines:

“You have blessed me, my father; you have shown your love to me. You have given me encouragement. You have helped my heart to see the joy in living in God’s will one day at a time, by giving of yourself in love so others, too, may shine.

“You were not a perfect father, but there’s only One who is. Yet you made sure I always knew God’s love and promises. You gave me inner strength and pride that help me stand today. And as you overcame the past your life showed me Christ’s way.

“Have no regrets for what you did not do; God has forgiven and made us new.

“And for our good the Lord has used the past; So go in peace, for our love and faith will last.

“I will miss you, Dad, more than you or I will know. You gave so much to me, more than ever can be told. You touched so many lives for good, and helped them find God’s way. How proud I am to be your son; you will bless me all my days.”


If you still have a living parent, find some way to express honor this week. Don’t wait.] Amen.