Even Me

Dave Gifford

READ : Romans 3:6-11

I became a Christian after being challenged by my high school classmates to read the Bible. I assumed it would contain a list of “do’s and don’ts” I would need to obey to get to heaven. Reading from Genesis onward, I became increasingly discouraged. The list got rather lengthy! The final blow to my confidence was Jesus’ statement in Matthew 5 about our deserving punishment for thoughts of anger and lust. I knew I was too weak to conquer such powerful innate tendencies. I felt I was headed for hell!

I believe I was reading today’s verses when everything finally began to make sense. I needed Jesus’ high standards to show me I was a sinner, an enemy of God. But the way to be reconciled (reunited) with God was not by my perfect obedience but by Jesus’ death, which was a payment for my disobedience.

What a relief to discover God could love even me, with all my imperfections and failures. Through Jesus he turned me, an undeserving enemy, into a son. The list of “do’s and don’ts” is now no longer an obstacle. Through obedience to God’s laws of love I endeavor to show my gratitude to God and offer reconciliation to others.


May each reader discover the same reconciliation I have found, and take it to those still needing to be reconciled. Amen.