Leviticus for Dessert?

Dave Gifford

READ : Psalm 19:1-14

As a teenaged, new Christian large portions of the Old Testament seemed too boring, foreign and too poetic for me. I reacted to Leviticus or Song of Songs in the same way I reacted as a child to peas, broccoli and green peppers. I am still suffering from my neglect of certain portions of God’s Word, and I doubt I am alone.

Imagine my surprise as I reflected on Psalm 19. David is comparing the law – actually the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible)- with honey! King David, the author of Psalm 19-ancient warrior, busy politician, poet laureate, husband and father-enjoyed the Pentateuch more than I do. Did I miss something?

Now, as an adult, I still hate peas, but I’ve grown to like broccoli and green peppers. My taste buds matured and I am all the happier for it. But the joy came only after years of obeying my mother’s commands to eat my vegetables. New recipes helped me develop a liking for unpleasant foods. Similarly, others’ insights can make one look at Bible passages in new ways.

What parts of the Bible do you tiptoe around? Will you give all of God’s Word the patience and persistence required to discover its unique flavor?


God, forgive me for any neglect of your Word. Allow me in this week to see something new in a previously neglected passage. Amen.