Big Brother is Watching You

Dave Gifford

READ : Job 1:6-12

The idea that God is omniscient (he knows and sees everything) used to seem downright oppressive to me. The children’s song “Oh, be careful little eyes what you see!!!” sums up how I applied this doctrine. It said, “You are being closely monitored. Any deviation will have drastic consequences. Beware!”

True – we should not ignore what God thinks of our sin. But the biblical description of God’s omniscient scrutiny is refreshingly positive. I am surprised it took me as long as it did to notice it.

The New Testament speaks of God watching us for our welfare, not to harm us. His testing is meant to refine us into pure, uncontaminated gold. Our verses in Job picture God as a concerned observer, testing, but not waiting eagerly to catch Job in a punishable offense. Rather, he is eagerly waiting for him to do good, to succeed, to please God. Like a proud parent, God brags to Satan about Job.

Could it possibly be that God also brags about you and me? Do you picture the Lord’s constant gaze as that of a policeman waiting for you to “slip up” or, more accurately, as a proud parent eager for you to succeed?


All-knowing God, thank you for watching over me. May my life bring you great joy. May you be pleased with what you see. Amen.