Two Ships in the Light

Dave Gifford

READ : Romans 11:33-36
Romans 12:1

As a new believer I quickly learned to interpret church jargon.


meant “finances” and


mainly meant “music.” Pastors timidly mention stewardship during fund-raising drives. Differing generations of believers argue over styles of worship.

As I gradually grasped the Bible’s teaching on these two concepts, I came to realize two things:

First, the popular definitions are shamefully inadequate, even deceitful. Stewardship and worship are two of the most comprehensive words describing the Christian life. Stewardship is a way of life that gives itself to God. Money is just one aspect of that giving. Worship is a way of life that expresses its delight in God. Music is only one form of worshiping God.

The second thing I learned is that the two concepts are virtually interchangeable. Giving ourselves to God (stewardship) is an expression of our delight in him. And worship is not complete if it does not include our surrender and submission to God. Taken together, they encompass the whole of Christian living.

Tomorrow’s devotional is a checklist meant to help you measure your own giving and worshiping far beyond your music and finances. “To God be the Glory!”


Lord, expose our shallow jargon so that we may see and adore you fully, and give you our entire lives. Amen.