Pause for a Personal Worship Checkup

Dave Gifford

READ : Romans 11:33-36
Romans 12:1

  • How many things on yesterday’s to-do list did you consciously do out of love for the Lord?

  • How often do you walk away from a Christian presentation (sermon, book, song, etc.) adequately reflecting on its implications for your life?

  • How does your daily schedule reveal your priorities in your use of time?

  • How do the entries in your checkbook reveal your financial priorities?

Do you . . .

  • See the worship service as just a “warm-up” leading to the sermon, or the sermon as another aspect of the worship itself?

  • Read the Bible to find an application or find God?

  • See your life as a ministry, and your personal ministry efforts as worship?

  • Treat your job or schoolwork as an offering of praise?

When was the last time you . . .

  • Sang a Christian song to yourself for encouragement?

  • Encouraged someone by mentioning God’s goodness?

  • Complimented God simply for the great God he is?

  • Consulted the Lord about a purchase and promised to use the item in a way that honors him?

  • Reviewed your life to praise God for his direction?


Lord, may you be honored by my life today.. Amen.