Witnessing? You Mean ME???

Dave Gifford

READ : Psalm 34:1-10

Trying to get church members to join an evangelism program can be like pulling teeth. I was reluctant like that as a new believer. The idea of sharing Jesus with my classmates sent me into a panic! How did I get from knee-knocking nervousness to becoming a missionary?

One day it occurred to me that we are all evangelists about things that excite us. Parents proudly parade their new babies for all to see. A man shows off a prized trophy or a recent purchase. A couple rave about a new restaurant they have just tried. A woman excitedly shares a great recipe.

Have you discovered God in this way? Have you fallen in love with him? Senses, flavors, emotions, beauty, love – those were all his ideas. So, God himself must be even more wonderful! And the Scriptures tell us how God sent his Son Jesus to die for us, to pay the price of sin after our having turned away from him. What an awe-inspiring act of love. God is so good!

Maybe it is time we open the Bible again to get a fresh glimpse of the treasure, God himself, disclosed in its pages. The discovery will be like hearing news too good to keep inside. No one will be able to


us from sharing what we’ve found!


Dear Lord, give me a taste of your goodness. Inspire and free me to share that great goodness with others. Amen.