Peeling the Pious Pretense from Prayer

Dave Gifford

READ : Habakkuk 1:1-5

The practice of prayer came slowly for me. I still don’t consider myself one of the most prayerful people. But now my favorite part of the day is often my long ride to work when I spend time talking aloud with the Lord. What was once a duty is now a need to be with a God who listens. I


to spend time with my best Friend.

What made the difference? Reading books on prayer? Knowing the types of prayers and the mechanics of praying? No, I simply discovered it is alright to be transparent with God. I can share my strongest emotions with him as Habakkuk did. God would rather have us question him and even get upset with him in prayer than ignore him. Prayer is


needed when our attitude and emotions aren’t fully under control. He listens even when our words are blunt, our ideas about him confused, or our behavior less than perfect.

When we are sincere with God yet willing to listen to him an amazing thing happens-God responds. He soothes and transforms us by his Holy Spirit. Our emotions subside. We begin to see things from God’s perspective. We realize he understands us and holds out a way forward for us.


Dear Lord, I thank you for urging me to come before you just as I am and for offering to make me all I can be. Amen.