Cheating Death

Dave Gifford

READ : Hebrews 2:14-15

As a Christian I have always believed in the “doctrine of eternal security,” which teaches that since our admission to heaven is based on what Jesus did for us and not on our own worthiness, we cannot lose it by falling into disobedience.

This teaching is easily abused. We might decide that obedience to God isn’t very urgent since our eternal destiny is already decided. But eternal security should not free us from loving God, but from fearing death.

Our fear of death controls much of our lives. Time is short, so we race to experience and acquire as much as we can. We fear that by spending time in prayer, Bible study or ministry we will miss out on life. We avoid choices that involve taking risks because we are afraid of wasting our brief time on earth. We try to cheat death by clutching life and so we become slaves to fear.

Eternal security should make us the boldest risk- takers on earth. We have


cheated death. We will live forever! But time is short for people who are still trapped by fear and materialism, cut off from eternal life. Why let death cheat them? We can cheat death a second time. Like Jesus, we can dedicate our lives to free death’s prisoners and give them the assurance of eternal life.


Lord Jesus, let the assurance you give make me fearless in living for you today. Amen.