A Revised Prayer

Dave Gifford

READ : Revelation 19:6-9

In 1999 the media briefly became fascinated by discussions of the end of the world and religious prophecy. Would the new millennium bring an end to civilization? I remember seeing the movie

The Late, Great Planet Earth

as a child. The worldwide disasters and widespread evil depicted in the movie made me so fearful that I prayed the Lord would never allow such nightmarish things to happen in my lifetime!

While the book of Revelation contains many startling images, it is actually one of the most positive books of the Bible. It contains much singing and rejoicing. Christ shall triumph over his foes! All wrong and suffering shall cease! And just as the Israelites were protected from the plagues before the first Passover in Egypt, so the Lord will mark and protect his people from the catastrophes at the end of the world (Rev. 7:2-3; 9:4).

So I discarded my childhood prayer. I now welcome the end of this passing world. After all the temptation and persecution it has given believers, it will not be missed. We are on the winning side. We should only fear being found dining comfortably at the losers’ table when Jesus comes again.


Lord, make me neither fearful nor forgetful of the future, but faithful, trusting in the promises of your ultimate triumph. Amen.