Dave Gifford

READ : Mark 10:35-41
Revelation 3:21

Like the disciples, I always bristled at James’ and John’s audacity. How arrogant of them to ask the King if they could be second-in-command in his kingdom! But what I found even more astonishing was Revelation 3:21. The same John, near the end of his life, tells us that all believers will occupy that place of honor. You and I will sit on a throne. And not just any throne but with Jesus himself on his throne. I had long overlooked this surprising verse, placed as it is after the more familiar verse 20. The truth it symbolizes amazes me.

How easily we become intimidated by life. We convince ourselves we are nobodies, people of little importance. We forget our true identity. We forget that our destiny is to reign over all things with Jesus Christ. How trivial and insignificant our personal struggles and daily difficulties appear when contrasted with the honor and prestige that will one day be bestowed upon us. Should we live like intimidated nobodies or like princes and princesses, intimidating our Enemy?


All hail, King Jesus! You are our Deliverer, Defender, Comforter, Molder, Guide and our True Love. You rescue us from our past, offering us a present and a future beyond all expectation. You have won our wholehearted allegiance. Rule now and forever. Amen