Hall of Faith

Craig Abbott

READ : Hebrews 11:1-3, 32-34

Baseball has Cooperstown, football has Canton and rock ‘n roll has Cleveland – halls of fame where legends in their field are honored and remembered.

Christianity’s hall of fame is Hebrews 11, a listing of ordinary men and women who exhibited extraordinary amounts of faith. Although they were far from perfect—among them are adulterers, a prostitute, and some lousy parents they were close to God and did great things for his kingdom.

Although mentioned by deed only, one such young man who made the list is Daniel, remembered in verse 34 as the one who “shut the mouths of lions.”

Daniel’s life is a lesson in faith. Time after time, when faced with a difficult situation, Daniel acted in faith by being obedient to God and trusting in his plan. Consequently, Daniel’s accomplishments were not the result of his own efforts, but of a powerful belief that God is in control and will do what he promises.

So in which hall of fame will you one day be remembered? Would you like to be known for having exhibited a powerful, growing and vibrant faith? Then join us this month in our journey through the book of Daniel as we take a look at how to become



Dear Lord, I desire to have a strong, vibrant faith. Please show me how to attain a faith like Daniel’s. Amen.