Little Things Do Matter

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 1:9-14

Craig and I once accompanied a group of students on a trek through the Rocky Mountains. As we crossed the Continental Divide, we descended a valley of loose rock. We progressed cautiously, fearful that kicking up even the smallest of rocks could start a dangerous avalanche.

Daniel understood this concept. When faced with a seemingly minor affront to God’s law (eating the king’s food), he was “resolved not to defile himself.” He knew that breaking even one of God’s laws could start an avalanche of sin that would make future compromise that much easier.

Like Daniel, we are aliens in a foreign land. Everyday, we’re asked to compromise our religious standards and eat of the “king’s food.” We justify our actions by telling ourselves that the small things don’t matter – that God really isn’t concerned with the movies we watch, the music we listen to, or the jokes we tell.

But disobedience short-circuits faith. Daniel’s obedience in even this “small” matter allowed God to work in his life. This unwavering resolve in turn caused his faith to grow giving him the spiritual strength to handle the larger challenges that lay ahead.


Lord, help me to understand the connection between faith and obedience. Help me to obey you in the smallest things. Amen.