God Rewards Faith

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 1:15-17

I remember taking classes in high school that were required in order for me to receive my diploma. At the time, I was certain that I was going to be an architect and would have no use for subjects such as chemistry. Six months after graduation, I found myself working in a laboratory.

Later on in college while pursuing a degree in Computer Science, I wondered how I was going to apply the accounting and public speaking classes. Soon after receiving my degree, I became a deacon in our church and chairman of a committee. I followed the guidelines for the education program I was part of and was rewarded by being able to use my skills in ways I never imagined.

God gave to Daniel and his friends knowledge and understanding of literature and learning. He also gave Daniel the ability to understand dreams and visions. They received the king’s favor immediately because of Daniel’s special skill. But even more, through the use of their gifts God was really equipping them with the skills they would need later on in their dealings with King Nebuchadnezzar. This was part of God’s way of rewarding Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah for their faithfulness and obedience to him.


Lord, thank you for the abilities you have given me. Help me use them for your honor and glory. Amen.