Who You Going to Call?

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 2:1-13

Several years ago, the Psychic Friends Network – you know, the one with the Dionne Warwick-hosted infomercial – went bankrupt. We have just one question: shouldn’t they have seen it coming?

Nebuchadnezzar apparently had his own network of physic friends – an affiliation of sorcerers, magicians, astrologers, enchanters and others he could call on when he needed advice. When afflicted with a troubling dream, they were the first ones the king called for help.

The question is, whom do you call first when you are troubled? Most of us probably don’t rely on telephone psychics, but we do have a tendency to look for help from a variety of sources before turning the matter over to the Lord. All too often we rely on ourselves, friends, self-help books, pastors, the Internet and other advice resources without ever bringing the matter to our heavenly Father.

There is no problem too great or too small to be brought before our Lord and Savior. In fact, Jesus wants us to cast our cares at his feet. Make him your first call – not a last resort – the next time a heavy concern threatens to upset you.


Dear Lord, thank you for your promise of plans to prosper me, not to harm me. Help me to bring all my cares and concerns to you. Amen.