Bad News

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 2:14-18

I was watching the Superbowl with some teens at a friend’s home when my wife, who was three months pregnant, phoned in tears. She was experiencing problems with the pregnancy. The next morning, tests confirmed our worst fears. I immediately called our pastor and close friends. They had shared in the joy of our pregnancy; we would need their prayers and support in the sorrow of our miscarriage.

Daniel’s bad news also came quite unexpectedly. Having recently entered the king’s service, he was shocked to learn that he and the nation’s other wise men were to be killed for the astrologers’ inability to explain the king’s dream.

But Daniel didn’t panic. He calmly asked the king for some time and then shared the predicament with his friends so they could pray with him.

How do you handle bad news? Are you easily unnerved when faced with tough situations? Do you try to handle them on your own?

Daniel teaches us to place our confidence in the power of our heavenly Father, and to share our burdens with trusted friends who will petition the Lord on our behalf. Our faith is strengthened through prayer.


Dear Lord, help me to face adversity with confidence in your power and the power of prayer. Amen.