God Answers Prayer

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 2:18-23

Our church owns a large bus we use for most of our youth trips. Craig and I got our commercial driver’s licenses in order to help out with the driving. At the start of each trip, we pray and ask God to grant us safety as we travel, for the drivers of the bus to remain awake and alert, and for the other drivers on the road.

When we arrive at our destination, it’s easy to excitedly rush off the bus. We’re trying to get in the habit of praying before we debark. We should thank God then for answering our prayers.

When God answers one of your prayers, whether you like the answer or not, do you pause to thank him and praise him for responding?

Daniel and his friends were in a difficult spot. They knew they needed God’s help. He revealed the details and the interpretation of the dream to Daniel, who then praised God for answering their prayers. In his excitement, he could have immediately sought out the king. But, no, before he shared what the Lord had revealed to him, Daniel spent time thanking God for giving him “wisdom and power.”


Lord, thank you for loving us enough to listen to and answer our prayers. Help me to always give thanks for your responses. Amen.