Giving God the Credit

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 2:18-23

I remember watching legendary Green Bay Packers’ defensive end Reggie White give his retirement speech in front of thousands of adoring fans. This enormous, powerful athlete, who for years had decimated many an offensive line (including that of my beloved Chicago Bears), choked back the tears as he publicly gave God the credit for his skills, opportunities and success.

Over 2,500 years earlier, Daniel also made the effort to give credit where credit was due. The Lord had just revealed Nebuchadnezzar’s dream to him. Daniel didn’t hesitate to make sure the king understood that it was the God of Israel who revealed this mystery to him. Citing God as the source of the dream’s interpretation was a bold exercise of faith since Daniel was a captive dependent upon the pagan culture of Babylon for everything.

How easy it is to take personal credit for skills God gives us and works he does through us. At work, in the home, or even at church, it’s often easier to credit our own prowess rather than publicly give God the glory.

We may never have a public forum like Reggie White or stand in front of a powerful ruler like Daniel, but when God works in and through our lives, we need to give him and him alone the honor and glory.


Thank you, Lord, for using me for your purposes. May I always give you the credit for the things you do in my life. Amen