Acknowledging God

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 2:29-47

Several years ago, I attended my father-in-law’s retirement party. His boss and coworkers honored him with remarks that made mention of his integrity and estimable work ethic. It was obvious they noticed something different about him. When Hank finally addressed the group, he shared that it was his love for Jesus Christ that made him who he was. God was honored in the words, tears and praises offered that night.

As Daniel presented his dream-interpretation speech to his boss – a speech that referenced God four different times – he must have been a bit nervous. After all, how would the king react?

Of all the scenarios Daniel played out in his mind, I doubt he considered a version in which the king fell prostrate before him, offered incense in his name and declared his God to be the God of gods. Daniel’s willingness to give God the glory caused Nebuchadnezzar – if only for a moment – to recognize and praise the one true God of heaven.

If acknowledging God before a pagan ruler could evoke such a reaction, imagine how God could use our acknowledgments of him to reach colleagues, friends and family around us.


May I acknowledge you in all things, and may others see Jesus in me. Amen.