Prospering Under Pressure

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 2:48-49

I’m fairly particular about my lawn – some might say “obsessive” – so when I noticed part of my backyard had become home to a huge ant colony, I went on he offensive with insecticide sprays, Diazanon granules and handfuls of diatomaceous earth. To date, all I’ve killed is a patch of lawn the size of a kitchen table while the ants continue their operations 15 feet to the south!

Daniel, I’m certain, would identify with these ants. Every day, he went about his business in a hostile environment seemingly bent on his destruction. God, however, not only protected Daniel, but also prospered him! Daniel was given a place of authority in the kingdom, was lavished with gifts, and was allowed to appoint his friends to similarly enviable positions.

Are you scared or frustrated because you live, work or go to school in an environment hostile toward Christianity? Know that you are not doomed for failure. Daniel’s honesty and integrity stood in sharp contrast to the character of the other wise men around him, and it did not go unnoticed. God is capable of using you – and blessing you – despite applications of the strongest secular pesticides designed to wipe you out.


Dear Lord, may others see you in the way I conduct myself at home, work and at play. Thank you for blessing me even in a culture that often rejects Christian principles. Amen.