Bowing to Popular Opinion

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 3:1-3

I was in high school when the Beatles’ John Lennon was shot. While the event was certainly tragic, I remember being puzzled by the exorbitant expressions of public mourning that followed his death. Popular opinion made it unthinkable to say anything bad about him. The media fostered an expectation that you would at least feign grief. A favorite high-school teacher actually received death threats over a letter to the editor in which he called Lennon “an existentialist Pied Piper.”

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego faced pressure to conform to the latest “politically correct” view when Nebuchadnezzar erected his golden idol. When all of their colleagues blindly gathered to show the king their loyalty, their defection was even more obvious.

Most of us will never be asked to bow down to a 90-foot-high golden statue, but our culture continually sets up “golden idols” before us – secular stuff, ideas and celebrities we’re expected to honor and affirm.

So what or whom is the crowd calling you to worship? What popular opinions are you expected to believe or espouse that conflict with Christian ideals? By faith, we too can avoid becoming subservient to the golden idols of today.


Lord, help me recognize the false gods in my life. Give me the strength to live out your truths in the face of opposition. Amen.