No Way Out

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 3:19-23

When I was young, I had a keen interest in magic. I especially enjoyed reading about Harry Houdini, who was famous for his great escapes. He would have guards shackle him with chains and locks and put him in a canvas bag, which would then be tied up and thrown into a freezing-cold river. Each level of entrapment made his escape seem more impossible, and always left his audience wondering, “How did he survive that!”

When Nebuchadnezzar decided to throw Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego into the furnace, he took measures to make sure there would be no escape. He ordered the furnace made seven times hotter. His strongest soldiers tied up the young men. They were thrown into the fire, clothes and all. The raging flames devoured the soldiers who carried them to the furnace’s edge.

What the king didn’t realize was that by creating a situation in which there was no humanly possible way out, he was setting the stage for God to reveal himself. If they were to be rescued now, it would be only by the hand of the one with truly supernatural powers.

What fiery furnaces do you currently face? Do you feel like your hands are tied and there’s no way out? God could be setting the stage to reveal himself in a big way.


Mighty God, we stand in awe of your power and know that nothing is beyond your control. Amen.