A Reckless Party

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 5:1-6

Have you heard the expression, “He saw the writing on the wall and decided it was time to go?” It often relates to the corporate executive or sports coach who resigns after losing effectiveness. It describes the point in peoples’ careers when they realize their time is up. They had their chance, messed up and now must move on.

In today’s reading, King Belshazzar appears intent on defying God. Imagine how Daniel must have prayed for this man to change his ways. At a time when his enemies were surrounding him, he throws a party for a thousand of his noblemen. He insults the Jewish captives and the Lord by drinking from goblets looted from the temple in Jerusalem! Instead of fasting, repenting and calling on God, his restless arrogance prevented him. He went on to worship idols of precious metal, wood and stone in a convivial mood. Suddenly, he sees the writing on the wall. God strikes fear into Belshazzar’s heart and he begins to realize his time is up.

Do you need to focus on the Lord instead of yourself? Does casual disregard keep you from turning your life over to him? God can soften the heart of those who resist him. Turn to him today before you too see the writing on the wall.


Lord, help us to face our neglect and give all honor and glory to you. Amen.