Comeback Performance

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 5:7-12

To be a world-class athlete, it seems you need to come out of retirement at least once. This is especially true if you’re a boxer. Who could forget the comeback performances of Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman, and, of course, Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III? Even football’s Reggie White has come out of retirement since I wrote the March 10 devotional reading!

Daniel himself gives quite the comeback performance when King Belshazzar calls him back into service. It seems Daniel, who was about 90 years old at the time, was no longer part of the ruling administration. In fact, he was all but forgotten.

But unlike some athletes, Daniel returned to public life not for fame and fortune, but out of an unswerving commitment to follow God’s plan for his life.

So what stage of life are you in? Do you feel like you’ve “paid your dues” and now it’s time to “retire” from God’s service? All of us, like Daniel, need to wait faithfully upon the Lord, remaining alert when our public services end, always ready to offer ourselves wholeheartedly the moment God calls on us.


Lord, I stand ready to serve you. Use me to advance your Kingdom in every stage of my life. Amen.