Spiritual Insight Not for Sale

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 5:13-17

It’s no secret that money and power play huge roles in society. They’re obviously large motivators for athletes and entertainers, who continually negotiate new, more lucrative contracts with astronomical salaries. In the corporate world, if you want to attract the best talent, you must be willing to pay with preferential positions and grand compensation packages.

In order to solve a baffling, threatening mystery, King Belshazzar called Daniel out of retirement. None of the king’s highly paid wise men and astrologers could interpret the writing on the wall. So in return for his insight, the king offered Daniel gold and a high position of power in his administration.

Daniel agreed to help the king, but flatly refused the reward. Why? Because Daniel knew God was speaking to Belshazzar and that he was simply the interpreter. Daniel knew in fact that he was working for the Lord and not the king. He needed no greater reward.

Like Daniel our real job is to faithfully serve the Lord, “interpreting” his Word so that others might come to know him.


Dear God, help us to remain motivated by serving you and not by earthly compensation and recognition. Amen.