Expect the Unexpected

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 5:29-31

Craig and I recently debated with one of our youth group members who was convinced he would live to a ripe old age and thus had plenty of time to straighten out his life. We pointed out that no one knows if they’ll live another day, another minute or just one heartbeat.

Each morning when I wake up I thank God for life. I ask for strength to do his will throughout the day. I’ve come to realize that God is in control even when sudden, unimaginable changes take place. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, an unplanned career change, a friend that moves away, a church that closes its doors, or a government that’s overthrown, God is still in control. In just one incredible day Daniel goes from retirement and relative obscurity to being made the third highest ruler in the land, only to have his boss killed and the country overthrown that night.

Daniel had faith that God was still in control. He remained obedient to God’s direction. Daniel reentered public service just in time to secure a role in Darius’s new government, setting the stage for the act of faith for which he’ll always be remembered.

Is your life in chaos? Do things seem out of control? Like Daniel, exercise faithful obedience and get ready for God to perform miracles amid the madness.


Lord, we stand in awe at your ability to control the universe that affects our lives. Amen.