Trust God for Success

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 6:1-3

Recently, the company I work for downsized and restructured in response to several consecutive years of declining sales around the world. The process for retooling the organization created uncertainty and frustration for many of the employees, including me. Many of the seasoned executives were no longer with the company. Numerous long-term relationships were severed. As the reorganization continued, many of us found ourselves working for individuals with whom we had no history or experience previously.

Daniel served Nebuchadnezzar, then his son Belshazzar, and now Darius. Daniel’s success through each administration was due to his being a person of integrity and servant of the Lord. Daniel knew that no matter what earthly role we play or who we answer to, God is in supreme control. It is he alone we should trust.

During my period of uncertainty, I trusted that God would place me where he wanted me to serve just like Daniel. I now report to different leaders, but I continue to trust God and honor him by serving with honesty and integrity.


Dear God, help us to remember that you are in control of the world and our lives. Amen.