What's in Your Closet?

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 6:4-9
Matthew 27:11-14

It seems whenever politicians try to convince the public of their honesty and integrity, critics immediately start probing their past in an attempt to find dirty laundry. If nothing surfaces in their professional experience, the spotlight shifts to their personal life. It’s also not unheard of for political opponents to lie about one another in order to detract from the important issues.

Daniel’s enemies were most certainly driven by jealousy when they hatched a scheme designed to bring him down. King Darius planned that Daniel would soon be overseer of the entire kingdom. His jealous peers immediately began to scheme against him. When they could find no evidence of misconduct in Daniel’s professional life, they decided to attack his personal life.

We witness a similar chain of events in the story of Christ’s persecution and death. Jesus was a man without fault who was hated by those in power. They brought fabricated charges against him in order to justify his critics’ own fears and jealousy.

Do your enemies attack you? Do you face trials caused by others who feel threatened by your honesty and integrity? Don’t be surprised if like Daniel, your Christian example attracts criticism, or even hatred.


Lord, we ask for your protection from unjust attacks against all our leaders and ourselves. Amen.